Using iPad to create a group video was a challenge. It is awkward to do it together, because all of us have our own iPads, so the distribution of work is not even. Besides that, we had a problem, for some reason, our work was not saved, even as a draft or automatically, so when our group had done most of the work the first period, we lost our video again and had to redo it. It was a rush. Another problem was the management of idea. I feel like it was not planned well enough, due to time shortages and it could have been more creative. Again, i don't think I did or learned much math over this project. I want to be more efficient about my work. 

I have been using IPads for two months  in classroom as a way to study mathematics, and I have several points to bring up about the experience. Firstly, I find it a vivid and unique experience. I truly do! It is a good way to look up many exercises, solve problems, find many apps to educate ourselves. I really enjoy the problem solving. I think it more engaging and interactive. Usually by the end f the day I don't feel like studying something logical or complicated. I come into the classroom with the feeling that Im going to fall asleep, but the technology engages me and I like working on my IPad, doing any kind of work. Secondly, I think my efficiency has been brought significantly down with the usage of IPads. I enjoy the work, but I realise that I'm doing much less actual math, because it takes much more time to start working and it takes much more time to write and look for documents on a single device. I find paperwork much quicker and easier to manipulate. For instance, it takes much more time to write something on Notability or Penultimate that on paper. By the time I would have finished all the problems on paper, I'm still writing numbers for the first one. Thirdly, I do not enjoy video making, because it is the largest time waste of all. Explain Everything is a great app, but again, it is so problematic: the pen is not working properly, the videos sometimes glitch when loading, it is difficult to manipulate and arrange all the pieces together on the slides. I think it would have been better to try another app maybe? Or maybe try some other way of sharing our work with others.
Hey all the visitors! I have some new notes, videos and document uploaded! Y'all are sure welcome to check them out!
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    October 2013